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Five manes to rejuvenate our hair from 50

  After a certain age, we need to counteract the  loss of density of the mane  that occurs as a result of hormonal changes. Hair becomes  finer and appears sparser  . Apart from the density, with the arrival of menopause a  change of texture  can occur in the hair, which can become more brittle and coarse. While short styles like the "pixie" help to rejuvenate our image, we may not be willing to  give up our hair just for reasons of age  . Or maybe we just don't fancy such a drastic haircut. Haircuts for over 50 Because turning years does not have to imply that we renounce to show off our hair, we invite you to achieve it with  strategic haircuts  that are precisely in trend at this time. Haircuts that help us gain volume and give our hair a rejuvenated appearance. Shaggy It is about that layered haircut that we can adapt to the length that suits us best (taking into account the features). The key to the "  shaggy  " is that it allows  the volume of th

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